• KYIV 2007

  • A seminar on the PSI for  selected countries of the Black Sea region was held on February 6 2007 in Kiev. It was an element of preparations for an exercise codenamed Eastern Shield, conducted in Odessa in October 2007.


    The object of the seminar was to present comprehensive information on PSI objectives, principles and activities. The participants included Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova.


    Representatives of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior and Administration, Internal Security Agency, Polish Navy Command, Border Guards, the US State Department and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs offered information on the reasons for establishing the PSI,  its goals and principles, its evolution to date and practical achievements. Selected exercises were also discussed.


    All the invited participants underlined the importance of the PSI for international security. They considered the seminar to have been a useful source of information on the PSI.

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